Get Outdoors Weekend
Weekend of free outdoor activity events in Northern Ireland
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Get Outdoors Weekend 2014?

Get Outdoors Weekend on 20th and 21st September 2014 will showcase a wide range of FREE outdoor activity events in Northern Ireland which are being offered by a variety of organisations. Activities that will be taking place over the weekend include Mountain Bike Courses, Canoe Trips, Guided Walks, Surfing Lessons, Family Days out and lots more.

All events are free and either allow participants to just turn up on the day or require pre booking, which ever is required will be clearly stated in the event information for each event.

Do I need to book in advance?

Get Outdoors Weekend events either require pre booking or allow participants to turn up on the day. If the event that you want to attend is allowing participants to just turn up on the day then you don’t have to do anything further, if the event that you want to attend requires pre booking then you must pre book online via this website and not by contacting the event organiser directly. The majority of events booked out last year so please book well in advance to avoid any disappointment. 

You will be redirected to the Outdoor Recreation NI's booking portal which will process your booking; no payment is required as all events are free.

You will then receive an email confirmation of your booking which you must bring to the event. 

Who is it suitable for?

There are a wide variety of events happening on the Get Outdoors Weekend to suit everyone. In particular, the events will attract families, people interested in walking, heritage and wildlife and also people wanting to take up a new activity or learn a new skill.

Medical Conditions

Outdoor activities may involve strenuous physical exercise.  Participants should consider their personal health and fitness before taking part.  Anyone suffering from or ever having suffered from any medical condition, illness, allergy or phobia or who is pregnant should consult their doctor regarding the suitability of their participation.  Participants with concerns should only attend following positive advice from their doctor and should make their condition known to the event organiser running the event.

You may have to complete a medical declaration form before taking part in an activity.


Some events are subject to minimum or maximum requirements specified by the event organiser; e.g. age, health, height or weight. This is outlined in the information provided on the website.  It is the participant’s responsibility to ensure they conform to the minimum requirements.

If I have pre booked onto a specific session time do I need to stick it?

If the event you have booked onto has a number of sessions with unlimited places then it is possible to attend a different session than the one booked onto by contacting the event organiser directly. 

If the event you have booked onto has a number of sessions that have limited capacity it is important that you attend the session you have booked onto. The session time will be written on your booking confirmation email.

Is my booking transferable?

If you have pre booked onto an event your booking is only applicable to the event and session time for which it has been booked.  It maybe transferred to another session by contacting the event organiser directly.

Is it possible to ‘unbook’ from an event?

If you have pre booked onto an event but cannot attend it is possible to ‘unbook’ by clicking on the ‘unbook’ link within your confirmation email. 

How do I find out about more details about an event?

Hopefully the comprehensive website will give you all the detail you require on each event.  However if you have specific enquiries regarding the event please contact the event organiser directly.  All the contact details are provided for each event. 

Who is responsible for Get Outdoors Weekend?

Get Outdoors Weekend is a joint partnership between Outdoor Recreation NI and a range of event organisers. Outdoor Recreation NI co-ordinate the weekend and work with a range of partners who organise the individual events. These partners primarily include government organisations, local councils and outdoor activity providers.

Get Outdoors Weekend is a brand of Outdoor Recreation Northern Ireland.